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Brick Arches

Apex Brickcutters Ltd has 3 methods of manufacturing brick arches as follows:

  1. Loose Cut – These arches are cut into individual voussoirs (Arch bricks). The arch is shrinkwrapped to a board ready for site installation by the bricklayer. The arch is designed to support its own weight therefore a catnic lintel is required above the opening to support the arch and the weight above. This is the cheapest method but takes the longest amount of time to install. Lead Time 5-7 Days
  2. Pre Formed (Lightweight) – These arches are cut into 22mm brick slips and then bonded to a 80mm lightweight backing block, to achieve 102.5mm soffit. The arch is again designed to support its own weight therefore a catnic lintel is required beneath the arch to carry the weight above. This method is more expensive than loose cut but reduces considerably the time taken to install. Lead Time 7-10 Days
  3. Structural – These arches are cut into 25mm brick slips which are bonded to a Load bearing concrete lintel. As they are load bearing the customer has no requirement for an external skin lintel as they can continue to build on top of the arch.This method also allows for the arch to be seen from beneath with a 102mm Brick Faced Soffit if your window is set back from the brickwork. This is the most expensive method but again saves considerable time when installing into a building. Lead Time 3/4 Weeks.

Methods 2 & 3 need to be pre-pointed, by site, before installation, to ensure the concrete mix is consistent throughout the development. Alternatively, give your arches a traditional look and ask us to pre-point them with lime effect 4mm Joints. We also supply red rubber bricks ideal for refurbishment and conservation projects.