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A Flint Block System That Overcomes The Block Effect

As a innovative alternative to the traditional oblong based pre fabricated flint blocks Planblocs interlocking modules help disguise the joints between flint blocks by drastically reducing horizontal joint lines. Although planning is required at the initial stage our newly developed type D block can overcome a multitude of unforeseen circumstances.

We are more than happy to assist you in any planning or construction queries that you may have. We also have available small scale sample wooden replicas of this unique design for you to examine to show you the possible potentials of these flint building blocks. These are available along with a full sized flint block upon request.

Q. Is it possible to have specials made?
A. Yes that is possible as we have our own mould manufacturing facilities.

Q. Will I have to modify the blocks to comply with local planning requirements.
A. This would be very unlikely with this style of block.

Q. How many different finishes are available?
A. Knapped flint are stocked but other finishes could be available if requiried.

Q. Are they more expensive than standard oblong blocks.
A. No they are the same price with lots of added benefits.

Q. Where can I obtain these blocks if I wish to order.
A. Our company can distribute our blocks to anywhere in the country

Please contact our sales office for a quote.

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